The Best Movies Set in a Day and How Tech is Eating the World

After a brief hiatus, Ill Informed is back as Tim and Jay bring on two longtime guests, Brendan and Terence to give their opinions on everything from failing Nintendo Switch sales to the importance and spread of net neutrality. Plus, a look at films that take place in a single day and what makes them so damn entertaining. That and more on this week’s Ill Informed.

What’s new with Games and 10 Critically Panned Movies to Watch

Back for the second episode in a row, Terence and Brendan join Tim and Jay to talk through the latest video game news, from the release of Cuphead to the latest with Valve. Then we go through Looper’s list of movies that critics hated but might actually be good, and give it the Ill Informed thumbs up (or down).

Separating Art from Artist, and Tim’s Top Ten Movies

This week is extra special, since we are joined by Brendan and Terence to bullshit about this week’s latest pop culture news. But our main focus this week is on separating an artist from their art, and whether or not that’s truly possible in today’s connected world, especially when looking and film or TV or music through a critical lens. After that, Tim takes us through his top ten movies of all time, and we debate if they make any sense.